What’s Better Than a Happy Baby?  A Happy, STYLISH Baby!!  

Anddd healthy and happy stylish parents.  This is a must!

There’s a couple things I really look forward to in life…one, is getting married ONE day (only if it’s in God’s plan), and the other is having a family.  Apparently, there is no better feeling?  Well, I can’t wait for this unexplainable and unbelievable feeling to be had.  

I love fashion, I love fashion in all aspects of life…there is absolutely NOTHING cuter than a stylish kid!  Of course, the parents must have some sort of style if they are capable of dressing their child so fashionably??  BUT unfortunately, sometimes mom’s and dad’s forget about themselves once their life changes, forever, after conceiving, and it doesn’t correlate.  This is unacceptable!!  You, as a parent or guardian, should not forget about taking care of yourself in the meantime!  

To my understanding, all of your attention goes to the child and you want to give your baby the best of everything…totally understandable…but you must not forget about your partner or yourself!  It’s just as important for you to eat breakfast, it’s just as important for you to eat healthy and to work out, and it’s just as important to feel and look good too.  You are just as important (ok, so maybe the kid is a littttttle more important! LOL)…but just trust me.  You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll live better…you’ll exude positivity and your child will totally soak it up.  

Do you know that if you are down and out and not feeling great or are a negative person, your child will feel and sense that too!  This is just a general life fact-kid or no kid, if you are negative, the people around you will be effected, negatively!      

There will be more posts about where to find AFFORDABLE and stylish clothing for kiddos!!  Stay tuned!!