My daily inspiration.
Friday Kahlo

My daily inspiration.

Friday Kahlo

Gentlemen’ Report: Trend Alert - Floral Print & more

Let’s not play it safe.

There is a serious trend going on right now…it is bold and it’s kind of amazing. I love when men step outside of the safety zone and wear bold prints. Whether it be bold patterns or even a leopard print, this new floral trend is bound to turn heads.

I love the juxtaposition of the athletic varsity shirt and the colorful floral print…mixing something we think of as “masculine” with something we think is more “feminine,” creating the perfect design for the man who likes to take chances and doesn’t want to ‘fit in.’

If you don’t feel like going all the way and don’t relish in making fashion statements, I’ve suggested some other safer prints and patterned options. ONLY if you must play it safe…but what’s the fun in that?!

For a discount at Karmaloop enter my REP CODE 9806 at checkout!

Asphalt Varsity Tee - Karmaloop $35

Floral Basketball Jersey - Karmaloop $59

Printed Tank - Karmaloop $35

Varsity Floral Tee - Karmaloop $35

Splattered Tee - Karmaloop $44

Printed Buttondown - Karmaloop $56

Stingray Tee - Karmaloop $26

Triangle Sleeves - Karmaloop $38


What I Wore - L’Amour Du Jour

Sweatshirts & Faux Leather Skirts

While on my trip in Newport, RI (read about it here) my sister and I explored the town and found this beautiful hidden spot up on this cliff.  The views were breathtaking.  The weather stayed decent, but it was Memorial Day weekend…it hadn’t reached peak hot summer weather just yet. So it was the perfect weather to throw on my sweatshirt, but with a skirt you ask?

While there are many ways to wear a skirt, adding a sweatshirt may not have been at the top of your list of options.  This is not an over sized Russell athletic sweatshirt, which all of you former athletes or those of you who used to frequent the “Cage,” may be very familiar with.  Sorry to disappoint, this sweatshirt is meant to be dressed up.  

Try pairing things outside of the norm together and see what you can come up with!

Bag - H&M $39.95

Sweatshirt - H&M $24.95

Leopard Button Up - JcPenney (similar here)

Skirt - Forever21 SOLD OUT (similar here and here)

Sandals - Targét $19.99

Gold Chain - Goodwill $15 (similar here)

Ring - Aldo (similar here)

Bangles - Forever21 (similar here)

Watch - Targét $16.99
My daily inspiration.
"I’m not scared of Lions and Tigers and Bears."
A little music for your Friday!  This incredible fashion and super powerful illustration made me immediately think of this song.  Enjoy!

My daily inspiration.

"I’m not scared of Lions and Tigers and Bears."

A little music for your Friday!  This incredible fashion and super powerful illustration made me immediately think of this song.  Enjoy!

What I Wore: Mixing and Matching Prints

Leopard & Stripes

I absolutely love mixing and matching patterns, prints, textures, etc.  I don’t think people do it often enough…it’s unfamiliar.  Coming up with unusual combinations is creative and fun.  Some ideas on great combinations:

Camoflauge & Stripes

Polka Dots & Stripes

Floral & Polka Dots

Gentlemen-think about mixing and matching matters with your outfits too!  Ties, pocket squares, socks, etc can all mix and matched.

Dress - Forever21 (similar here)

Jacket - H&M $39.95

Earrings - Target $7.99

Booties - Forever21 $19.99

Clutch - Clare Vivier $290

Watch - Target $16.99

Necklace - Thrifted

Happy Independence Day!

We are celebrating with some cocktails whilst dodging the rain! The weekend is looking lovely tho! The pool and beach are on the calendar to make up for today’s dreary day!

Be safe!


What I Wore:  Neon Beaded Gown

In follow up of my last post (Travel Chronicles, Newport RI), this was the dress of choice for the wedding.

Believe it or not, my dress is part of the H&M Conscious collection for $99!  I needed some alterations, badly. The neckline was deep, being far too inappropriate for any sort of formal-anything (or family functions).  Oh and the slit?  Let’s just say before alterations, this dress would have left about 12-15” from neckline to slit to hide behind (an impossible feat)…had to hem that baby down quite a ways to make sure I would be comfortable walking around, keeping all body parts covered up. 

If you missed my posts about the H&M Conscious Collection before, you can read them here.

H&M created this line with conscious materials to help make for a more sustainable future in fashion.  

They want to make our choices in fashion desirable and easily accessible.  They hope that piece by piece this will reduce the impacts that fashion has on the planet.  They are choosing to support new clothes-making techniques and new materials.

H&M Conscious Collection has created a pioneer roadmap to create a fair living wage for all fashion garment workers, everyone behind the scenes to making your clothing.  They are trying to abolish child labor, in doing so, trying to improve working conditions for all across the world.  

They’ve also launched a garment collection initiative, in hopes to close the gap in textiles so nothing goes to waste.  Using the money they make from the initiative, they will invest in social projects as well as research and innovation projects to figure out how old textiles can be turned into new fibers, therefore, getting rid of clothes waste altogether.

Recycle.  Reuse.  Rewear.

To read more, head over to H&M Conscious Collection

Other neon green dress options here and here.

Travel Chronicles:  Wedding in Newport, RI

Love is Life

The long weekend spent with the entire extended family, celebrating love, was epic. I had visited Newport only once before, years ago, but this time around I was afforded enough time to truly experience everything the beautiful coastal town had to offer.

We frequented the local restaurants, The Midtown Oyster Bar, where I tried my very first oyster!!  And then spent our evenings before the wedding festivities began, listening to live music at the The Speak Easy and the Newport Blue’s Cafe where we listened to the Felix Brown Band (side note, incredibleee!). We walked downtown during the afternoons, found a couple pairs of shoes at the cutest boutique that I was very surprised to fall upon, Tropical Gangster.  Trendy, chic and affordable.  We got ice cream at the Ben and Jerry’s…the aroma of their homemade waffle cones almost made me forget about the actual ice cream entirely.  We spent down time lounging on hammocks in our back yard of the house we rented for the 5 days (if you’re on a budget or not-this is the perfect idea!).

Any time I go to a new place, I love exploring…we found this incredible cliff area, the water almost looked tropical from our view from up top. And lastly, I always bring my daily route of staying fit with me (it’s light weight and easy to pack), so I enjoyed multiple runs along the stunning Cliff Walk and through the “quaint” side streets that housed many very, very large homes. To my surprise, the majority were no longer “homes” but rather a spectacle for people to admire (or drool over).

The forecast looked dismal at best for the 5 days we were expected to be there, but the Bride and Groom must have had the weather God on their side for their special weekend because we lucked out!  Their wedding was a site to be had, exchanging their vows on the grass tennis court at the Tennis Hall of Fame. They took the reception back to the Atlantic Beach Club by way of trolley, where we ate recently caught Lobster and danced the night away, to yet, another live band.  

I love, love and was so happy to celebrate our newest family member in such a wonderful New England town.  

May you both live happily ever after!


Gentlemen’s Report: The Docksiders

Summer Sale Picks at Zara

School is out and summer is in full effect. Rooftops parties, boat outings, cookouts, and weekend getaways have become the norm. I’ve selected some incredibly affordable sale items from Zara to get you looking right for your summer shindigs. [Buyer beware-these items will go FAST! So don’t wait, or you’ll be bummed if you go back in a week from now to try and get those shoes for $19.99!]

A couple options for weekend getaway bags (enough room for his and her swimsuits and an outfit for each-don’t need much more than that!), a couple tees (not your basic tee, love anything that has a twist to anything basic, and my most favorite color a man could wear during the summer-coral!), and a few pairs of summer shoes.

Boat shoes can be worn with jeans or shorts. A couple dressier pairs for those day parties and if you’re a bit more edgy and not into the docksiders, I’ve included a couple pairs of black sneakers, a classic pair and an quilted edgier pair.

Braided Slip On - $59.99

Kiowa Moccasin - $49.99

Slim Fit Sneaker - $49.99

Coral V-Neck Tee - $12.99

Draped Tee - $22.99

Vulcanised Fabric Docksiders - $19.99

Slip On Navy Sneakers - $39.99

Quilted Gray Weekender $69.99

Brown Faux Leather Weekender $59.99

Quilted High Top Sneaker - $59.99

Lined High Top Sneaker - $49.99
My daily inspiration.

My daily inspiration.

I cannot be more thrilled about the Targét and Altuzarra collaboration!!  The collection shoots to empower women to discover the transformative power of fashion at affordable prices.  This is precisely what I try to do with my blog, with my outfit posts, etc.  I hope I’ve been able to to empower you/inspire you all that it can be done.  [Disclaimer: Do not get me wrong, I love high end designers but my wallet doesn’t agree with my high end taste].   

I LOVE Targét (for the simple fact their clothing/accessories are affordable, but I can make them look luxurious-this goes for all of my favorite stores/brands), and Altuzarra is an incredible designer.  The two of them together is bound to be a spectacle to see!  

I get super excited when I hear of my faves partnering up with high end designers…it finally gives all the rest of us a change to afford a piece from their collection.  

The collection will include nearly 50 items, ranging in price from $17.99 to $89.99 for apparel and lingerie, and $29.99 to $79.99 for shoes and accessories.Target did a few collaborations last year (read about it here) and H&M did a couple as well (read about it here).

Looking forward to checking out the line, come September 14!

What I Wore: Rainy Day Bleus

Red Jacket - Target $39.99

Denim Button Up - H&M

White Jeans (Similar here) - Forever21 $32.80

Bag (Similar here) - Marshalls $34.99

Leopard Belt - Target $16.99

Booties (Similar here)- Zara $99

It can be tricky to dress in the rain, especially when it’s warm out.

My 3 tips for staying dry during summer rainy weather:

1). Closed toe shoes! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people wear sandals/flip flops in the rain. They are either falling out of them because they’re so slippery or their leather sandals are now ruined. Please invest in a pair of rain boots. I always told myself that I’d never wear them. When I moved to New York 4 years ago July, the amount that I walked and had to deal with inclement weather conditions, it quickly changed my mind. If you don’t want to, throw on a pair of boots you already have or sneakers to keep your feet dry.  

I have the Red Hunter Rain Boots. $148

2). Rain jacket! These are light weight and won’t make you sweat if you wear it during the summer rain.  Even if you have an umbrella, you still may get wet!  I make sure I stay as dry as possible. 

Another rain jacket I have in my closet (besides the one above) is a gray and white striped Merona Jacket from Target $39.99 (I got mine in store on sale for $17.99)

3). Umbrella. Silly.  Maybe.  But I see people getting caught in the rain ALL THE TIME and they just look, well, silly!  I make it a habit to check the weather every morning to prep my outfit for the day. But regardless, I always keep my small condensed umbrella in any bag that I carry while I head into work in the city.  Getting caught in the rain can be fun tho!

I keep this leopard umbrella in my bag at all times!  $14.99 from Target.

My sentiments exactly. 

Sometimes a minimalist picture could say so much.

My sentiments exactly.

Sometimes a minimalist picture could say so much.

Get the Look for Less: Maison Martin Margiela vs H&M

(MMM top 2, H&M bottom 2)

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela - $349.95 at Solestruck in White

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela - $316 at Polyvore in Pink

H&M Perforated Sneaker - $34.95 in white and pink

You ever fall in love with something you’ve seen in a store or even something you’ve seen a celebrity wear and now you have to have it? But there’s just one problem, the price tag has one too many digits for your purse to handle? I’ve come to the rescue…you can thank me later!

I found these super cute Maison Martin Margiela perforated sneakers (in pink and white) and knew immediately they’d have a hefty price tag…surely enough, they did. They are going for $300+. Then, as I often do, I found something almost identical at H&M for only $34.95!

The pink H&M’s are currently housed in my closet. See what I wore them with here.

What are your thoughts on Price vs. Name Brands? Do name brands still hold as much status/value as they have in the past?

What I Wore: My Favorite Past Time Pieces

Seriously some of my favorite pieces in my closet currently…well at least they were a couple weeks ago! I’ve moved on to more fun, summery faves but I still plan on rotating them on cooler summer nights.

Denim shirts.  High low tops.  Leather leggings.  Pink perforated sneakers.  Big baby blue bag.

Polka Dot Denim shirt - H&M $24.95 (similar here and here)

I feel like every man and woman should own a denim shirt.  Short or long, perfect to wear unbuttoned or even tied around your waist.  It’s a must in your closet (GENTLEMEN-that goes for you too!  Find a denim shirt here or here and a non denim, polka dot option here).

High low top - Forever21 $9.80 (similar option and also on Prettywings’ Wish list here)

Not a HUGE fan of all high low tops-some can be cut real funky which can totally be a turn off.  But this type of shirt is perfect for when you wear leggings…please do not let your derrière be uncovered when wearing them, (if you don’t want to wear a long top, throw your denim shirt around your waist!)

Front Panel Leather Leggings - Forever21 $15.80 (similar here)

I lived in these through the winter and into the Spring…and thinking about buy the ones listed above from ASOS because mine are now deteriorating.  They are been officially retired until the fall.  Love that these give you the impression that they are leather…but TOTALLY not.  Leather pants are expensive and not all that comfortable.  I think I loved these so much because the front panel gives you the look of leather pants, it takes your outfit to another level and also dresses it your look.  The leather detail also adds a touch of edginess, which we all know I love.

Pink Perforated Sneakers - H&M $34.95

Well, I love pink and I love unique sneakers.  I love when a sneaker is feminine…I guess pink gives it away??  Super feminine and such a different look.  Whoever thought to laser cut sneakers is simply genius.  It’s definetly not something you see every day, and they give my feet some air to breath!  I adore.  

Blue Bag - H&M $34.95

By far my favorite purchase of the season thus far.  This color is to die for.  Pastels were definitely on trend for the Spring (see my Zara fave pastels here) and will being carried ecstatically into the summer.  Big enough to fit my iPad in or just my notebook and summer reading book.  Love. Love. Love.