My daily inspiration.

My daily inspiration. 

My Styling Work: Collective Magazine, Issue: Summer 2014

Collective Magazine is a celebration of new ideas; focusing on the image-makers, collaboration, and creative forces.  We offer a mirror that reflects Fashion, The Arts, and Photography to the Forward thinking progressive reader who enjoys the creative realm and the culture that surrounds it. We are a group of individuals that stand at the corner of chic and avant-garde, with the brazen and unconventional lurking around every corner.  

We Bring our readers Quarterly content with a digital magazine and Regular on-the-pulse content online. 

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Project Upgrade!

Transformation Before&After 


Stephanie R.
Occupation: VP at Goldman Sachs
Age: 30

Before: Just another summer day lounging around in JC

After: The woman who works hard and plays harder

There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than making people feel good about themselves. Stephanie came to me for guidance/help on her outfit/look for a celebration on a huge milestone that her beau achieved a few days prior. It was an incredibly special night and had planned to dine at a fancy restaurant in NYC and wanted to look and FEEL good for such a special occasion. She knew I was the perfect person to turn to to transform her into the beauty that she is!

She had rented a dress from Rent The Runway but wasn’t sure how to style it.  More often than not, this can be the hardest part!  I told her not to worry and to come over on the eve of the dinner. 

After seeing the dress, I had envisioned pairing it with something bright and exciting with a super sexy shoe, because I knew if the dress was not styled properly it could look nautical and classic, which is what I wanted to stay away from. 

I chose two neon necklaces from my collection and put them both on to make more of a statement.  I told her to just let them fall how they will and to not worry.  I then added one of the most basic sexy shoes in my closet.  The heel on these bad boys are no joke, but again, I needed to push it achieve the look I was going for.  I had her add a simple stud, a simple bracelet, and a simple ring, and then lastly threw in a patent leather clutch with gold detail.  And voila!  She was ready to go!

It’s Not Just an Outfit, It’s a Cover Letter
News flash: Don’t be afraid of your own sex appeal! Putting on clothes that are too big is worse than putting clothes on at all, (unless of course you have an oversized sweater on in the winter or a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans). But how you dress/present yourself is how you will be seen and judged…let’s be honest, it’s reality.  

I helped Steph find her inner sexy self with this outfit (note: ‘sexy’ doesn’t mean tight and revealing).  I insist on showing your waist and there are many ways to do that (a belt or a buttoned blazer, giving you a trim waist).  This dress has lines that are tighter together in her middle section which brings in and cinches her waist, giving her lots of shape.  When Steph looked in the full length mirror to see her ‘after’, she said, ‘Wow, I feel really great!’ I hope that confidence will carry into her life. That’s the most exciting thing about this process.


I’m a big supporter of Rent the Runway…they have incredible customer service and really helpful stylists.  

How Rent the Runway works!

1. FIND IT: Search our collection of dresses and accessories for your rental date (we recommend 1–2 days before your event), then filter by designer, price, length — even style — to narrow down your favorites.

2. BOOK IT: Once you’ve selected your items, book for a 4-day or 8-day rental period. We also offer all the essential extras like Spanx and Fashion Tape.

3. WEAR IT: Your order will arrive by 8PM on your delivery date via UPS (or by courier in NYC). Time to slip it on and shine!

4: RETURN IT: After your night out, send back your items in the easy pre-paid envelope provided — we’ll take care of the dry cleaning. Don’t forget to upload a photo and review to Our Runway.

Gentlemen’s Report: Fall Jackets

Too soon, or nah?

I hate to break it to you, but if you aren’t putting sweaters, boots and jackets into your shopping cart now, you aren’t doing it right. 

Labor day has come and gone, and that only means one thing, Summer is officially over.  I know, it is hard to believe this statement is true, as the 90 degree weather doesn’t help prove it.  

I’m really excited for new and reoccuring trends for this fall.  Lots of plaid, lots of layering, floral patterns (and mixing and matching of patterns/prints), slim slacks, quilted everything, and if you put your money on camouflage last year, don’t worry, it’s back!

I have chosen some of my favorite jackets from some of my favorite stores for you guys.  Here is a kick start to your fall shopping!

Floral Jacket - Zara $99.90

Quilted Faux Leather Sleeve Jacket - Zara $99

Faux Leather Camel Jacket - Zara $149

Green Parka - Topman $190

Oversized Green Bomber - Topman $95

Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Forever21 $39.80

Denim Jacket - Forever21 $39.80

Gray Padded Vest - H&M $34.95

Quilted Biker Jacket - H&M $69.95 

Dark Denim Jacket - H&M $49.95

Travel Chronicles: Cape Cod (Part Un)

Harwich, MA…A trip down memory lane

See Part Deux Here

Coming to the Cape is always nostalgic. I grew up coming to, what used to be, my Great Grandmothers house. My aunt bought it once she passed. Every summer we’d spend time here.  As a kid it was the absolute best, it was a kids dream come true. We frequented the go cart tracks, trampolines, beach, and Sundae School (the best ice cream around).

We’d fight over (not kidding), who got the biggest lobster and my grandfather would go through every nook and cranny of the lobster each of us were given after we finished to make sure there was no meat left behind.  We’d debate about politics and religion (as a kid, we just tuned out), we’d be worn out by the end of the day, so we looked forward to bathing in the outside shower.

During cold, quiet winter days, when the Cape is deserted for the winter, we’d all sit around a large table celebrating the Thanks of Giving and my brother’s birthday. But we mustn’t forget the annual Morgan Golf Tournament that took place before the turkey was roasted. Bundled with gloves and hats and more than 2 layers of clothing (at least!), it still took place, rain, snow or “shine”.

The house still has traces of the same smells, the same pictures still sit on the mantels, same rocking chairs rock on the same porch, and the same clock still chimes every hour. The only thing that seems to change is which dog or puppy is currently running around.

Going to the Cape is time spent with family, time for sun, and time for Lobsters (only if you’re lucky enough).  It brings back many, many memories, but new ones are always created.  

This time around I enjoyed the following:

-A very French lunch which consisted of cheese and baguettes (my FAVORITE!  I could literally eat it every day), colorful fruit salad, and an array of other salads

-New puppy Clio


-Kicking up my feet and relaxing while reading the New York Times, Style Section

-Outside Showers 

Travel Chronicles: Cape Cod (Part Deux)

Harwich, MA…A trip down memory lane

(See Part Un here)

This time around I enjoyed the following:

-Flea Market

-The Beach!

-Sundae School Ice Cream Shoppe

My Top Emmys 2014 Red Carpet Best Dressed 

Ladies & Gents

Ok, so allegedly, I’m a sucker for color.  However, here’s a secret-some of my “best dressed” ladies aren’t actually the best dressed!  I wanted to preface my list by saying this; they are my favorite DRESSES!  Usually when I create my top lists from award shows, there is an array of things I would change about each and every outfit. 

1).  Camila Alves in Zuhair Murad - Well, it’s safe to say she is perfect.  There is nothing I would change about her look, and that is why she is my #1!  This dress is absolutely stunning and would never look nearly as good on anyone else.  The mosaic pattern with the bateau neckline and sheer detail throughout is super sexy and super sophisticated.  Her white clutch is ideal as well as wearing minimalistic jewelry (I mean, the dress is doing all the talking-she doesn’t need anything else!).  Her hair straight and parted down the middle is super chic, pulling her entire look together.  It wouldn’t have the same effect if she had her hair up.  Now, if you would excuse me while I go wipe up my drool.

2).  Sarah Hyland in Christian Siriano - How cute is she?!  She is 23 and totally dressing her age, albeit on the red carpet.  Her crop top proves that showing a little midriff is still very much in trend.  Her hair and makeup and the peep of her fit tummy makes this look effortlessly chic.  And coral, I mean, it’s coral!  Love.

3).  Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli - I KNOW, I KNOW!  You are probably shocked to see her not on my WORST DRESSED.  But if I could kindly remind you, please read my opening remarks that I prefaced this list with.  Thanks.  Now, as I was saying…this skirt is everythinggg!  It is something I would TOTALLY wear, but would wear it a bit differently.  Okay, a lot differently.  Wearing something so full on the bottom and something baggy on top is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I mean, who is styling these people?!  Anyway, I get that she is Lena, but she is not currently filming and episode of Girls at the moment.  I would have totally put a WHITE top with this skirt, and something like a bustier or even just a fitted white tank!  Sheesh!  And her hair color?  Allll the way wrong with her skin tone.  But thats another story for another day.  Anyway…I LOVE THIS SKIRT and I adore her, and that’s all that matters, so leave me alone!

4).   Cat Deeley in an Ombre wrap gown - So I love Ombre….and totally digging the color of this dress, the deep neckline and the huge bow detail.  An appropriate clutch and she’s probably lucky I can’t see her shoes.  Love this gown.  Now…to her hair!  Why are all the blondes on the Red Carpet (ok, well not all of them), look yellow?!  Terrible.  But the dress, yes, the dress…lovely.

5). Heid Klum in Zac Posen - Does this super model ever look bad?!  Color, color, color!  Coral might be my all time favorite color.  I’m not sure it could look bad on anyone (I have yet to confirm).  The dress is quite simple, falls really nicely. and adds a touch of detail with a mini batwing.  Simple hair, simple jewelry.  Simple yet chic. 

6).  Michelle Monaghan in Giambattista Valli - As I’ve mentioned before in my past top best dressed on the red carpet, I LOVE a long sleeved gown.  And in white?  It’s so, so stunning.  Again, not much is needed, simple hair and jewelry.  I love the juxtaposition of the long sleeves and the super high middle slit.  Just stunning.  Really.  But it was all messed up when she put on these God awful shoes.  Why lawd!?  These celebs have such good things going, then, bam!  They figure out a way to screw it up (or the stylist should be blamed)…although I’m fairly certain celebrities have QUITE the opinion, as I’ve just worked with one not to long ago.  She was adamant about what we put on her.  Anyway…back to the shoes.  No, no, no!  First off, metallic “can” be cool, but not this one.  I would much prefer her to have a metallic t-strap shoe.  The front of the shoe is just too bulky for me with this type of dress.  Strappy and sleeker is what is needed.

THE MEN! of the Red Carpet

1).  Matthew McConaughey in Dolce & Gabbana - As a man, to catch my eye, you have to be different.  Dressing for the red carpets can be just as fun as the women (well, that’s a lie).  Wearing a black tux is boring and played out.  I can barely tell what is different from each…unless of course I was up close and personal and could see the fine detail.  Since I’m not, I love seeing when me do things a bit differently.  Weather it be the color of the tux (blue, green, gray, etc), or adding a print/pattern to one of the pieces (undershirt, jacket, pants).  Love the black lapels on the blue suit and I love that it’s not navy-but a bit brighter.  Strong choice of blue vest and black shirt and black tie.  You aren’t as perfect as your wife though.  And-your tux doesn’t fit that well either…one of my pet peeves for me-when your suit doesn’t fit properly!

2).  Derek Hough in navy blue tux - Again, this caught my eye, well simply because it’s not black.  He has no vest but a simple white shirt and black bow tie, matching the lapels of his jacket with the small white detail of his pocket square.  If this was black, I’d hit the snooze button.  

Life as a Stylist!

Here is the full article article from the Sun Times - Chicago (Splash Magazine) where I assisted Eryka Clayton, styling Actress Sarah Wayne Callies a couple weekends ago.

Although no printed credit as assistant, it was incredible to be on set alone, gaining the trust and respect from Eryka! Love seeing our hard work come to fruition!

My daily inspiration. 

Gahh! Love everything about this coat!  Give me!!

My daily inspiration.

Gahh! Love everything about this coat! Give me!!

What I Wore: Let The Rain Wash Away…

Hunter Red Rain Boots 

Nothing to brighten a dreary rainy day up like some RED rain boots!  

I’ve mentioned before, when living in Massachusetts, the thought of owning a pair of rain boots made me sick to my stomach.  They aren’t the most attractive pair of shoes to have in your collection…they move funny, the can look funny, and don’t look very comfortable.  When I moved to New York City (4 years ago July 1st!), I quickly learned that walking through the city on a rainy day without them, was disastrous.  Slipping out of my slippery sandals and on the verge of seriously injuring myself (I know…I know…), I knew I needed to invest.  I started out with a very, very cheap pair of black rubber rain boots.  They smelled the way they sound…but they did the job, albeit it, not fitting around my calfs (side note: Hunter makes a boot for larger calfs!).  I had to upgrade. 

I used to joke with my friend, who bought their girlfriend a pair, I insisted I would never buy a pair…well, because everyone had “Hunter” rain boots in NYC. I did some research on other options, and found that a BRIGHT RED pair would be set apart, as I don’t typically like to do what everyone else is doing.    

*Buyer Beware*  You will need to also the boot buffer and/or the instant boot shine.  I wore mine a couple of times and couldn’t understand why the red was fading.  I looked into why this could be, I was frustrated, I just spent a significant amount of money on them, and my bright red was a dull pink!  Make sure you add these to your cart before checking out.  I use the care products to brighten the color and shine evert 3rd wear or so.

Here are the links to my outfit:

Red Rain Boots

Leopard Umbrella (Similar)

Black Sweatshirt Dress

Necklace (Street Vendor)

Black Fringe Bag or here!

Behind The Scenes: AT&T Holiday Campaign

Here’s a look at one my latest projects, assisting the incredibly talented and super sweet stylist Eryka Clayton.  Also, got to work with a ton of wonderful people on set as well!  Production assistants, hair and makeup stylists, lighting, set design, we had so much fun.  The talent was also pretty funny-lots of laughter on set making for a successful shoot!

When holiday approaches, you’ll see this campaign in 90% of AT&T stores and pretty much everywhere!

We shot at an incredible studio on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I love interior design and the beauty if it so I took a few shots of the studio. The blue stone in the bathroom? Incredible. The skylight? Incredible. Such a cool space to shoot in!


My daily inspiration.

My daily inspiration.

What I Wore: Snake Skin & Metallic

In other words, the most comfortable outfit ever.  

I’d also like to welcome the newest member to the shoe family as well, with these stunning metallic sandals.  I’ve really been digging white soles on shoes as of late, including some shoes for the gents.  These sandals pull every outfit together, giving it an extra ummpphh!

Baggy pants.  Yes please.  I very rarely ever find pants that are actually baggy on me (desperately want to find the perfect boyfriend jeans-but I’ll keep dreaming), but these pants are everything!  The draw string waist probably helps.  

Tip:  Always remember-when wearing a looser fitting/baggy bottom, always wear something tighter on top to avoid looking frumpy. 

Snake Skin Pant (similar) - Polyvore $29

Metallic Sandals - Aldo $60

Tank - H&M $5.95

Gold Necklace (similar) - Forever21 $7.80

Earrings (similar) - Sole Society $22.95

Watch - Targét $16.99

DIY: Makeup Brush Holder

And a face lift for my display of lipsticks and perfumes

What you will need:

1).  Clear Jars - Michael’s $12.99

You can choose any size and any style.  Another good option is a mason jar!  I bought jars that had lids because I liked the shape and simplicity of them-the covers went right into the trash.

2).  Filler - Michael’s $5.99

The smaller the filler, the better.  I really wanted to use larger diamond filler, but realized I’d be breaking a sweat trying to shove my brushes back in, making my morning routine that much more difficult.  (I lied, my morning routine isn’t difficult at all, but I can foresee this would surely make your morning go astray).  As I was saying, yes, the smaller the better, so when you take one brush out, the filler will do just that, fill in like sand, making the reentry of your brush smooth as pie.

3).  Gold Brushes (similar) - Target $29.99

My brushes are by Sonia Kashuk from the Limited Edition Lavish Lux 10 Piece Set that I purchased around Christmas time 2013, so they no longer can be found.  I’ve suggested other options here and here.

No need to go out and buy new brushes, use the ones you have.  They do not need to be a matching set either.  It’s just a cute way to store your brushes, as opposed to having them in a makeup bag, or tucked away in a drawer.

4).  White Display Pedestal (similar) - Anthropology $29.99

Yes, I’m using a cake pedestal and don’t have cake on top of it…shocker.  When you have multiple things on one shelf, all relatively around the same height, use boxes or pedestals to create different levels so you can find things easily.  You can find something far less expensive at a Homegoods.  I love re purposing things you wouldn’t normally use for home decor.  Get creative and think outside of the box.

5).  Clear Cosmetic Organizer - BB&Beyond $7.99

Never realized how incredibly useful these things are!!  They are a must to keep all your lipsticks up right and looking sharp.

What I Wore : J’s Everyday

Jordan Retro 11s

These are by far my favorite pair of Jordan’s, possibly, ever. But every time they’ve come out, I’ve avoided waiting in a line at an exclusive sneaker store in NY, well, because the lines would have been out the door and around the corner. I have no patience for that (and I have a LOT of patience). And who knows if they would have had my size when I actually got in the front door! That’s not my ideal way to shop…sounds like a long, long day of anxiety ridden thoughts with no promise of having the size 6.5 in my hands when I walk out the door.

The sneaker craze might be the most ridiculous thing in life…people getting killed over kicks?! Come on! We got to do better!

Anyway, at the end of the day, the only way I would have ever gotten my favorite Jordan’s was a) to have enough money to buy them (ugh! They aren’t cheap!) b) to have a connect.  Both were checked off on that checklist, so I can now die a happy, happy girl.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you where to get these Jordan’s (check eBay BUT buy at your own risk), but for the next release keep your ear to the street or check out for release dates and news on the newest, latest, and greatest.

Leggins - Zara $19.99

Flannel (similar) - Polyvore $40

T-Shirt (similar) - Polyvore $30

Bag & Sunnies - Vintage Trifted

Necklace - Express $26.90